Location    :   In Umran, on the road from Guwahati to Shillong 66 km from Guahati and 33 km from Shillong.

By Car       :   Umran is accessible by NH7 from Gauhati or Shillongs.

By Bus      :   From Gauhati bus station, take a bus to Shillong and get down at Umran and walk to the Monastery.

By Rail      :   Upon arrival at Gauhati railway station, follow directions “By Bus”.

By Air       :   Upon arrival at Gauhati airport, take an auto to the bus station and follow directions “By Bus”.




Founded on 04.12.1991

This house is Shanti Nilayam’s second foundation and is a living memorial of the centenary of the Church in the North East India.

In December 1990, Archbishop Hubert D’Rosario who recognized the hidden fruitfulness of contemplative life, invited the Shanti Nilayam Community to his diocese in North East India. Initially, four sisters from Shanti Nilayam Abeey stayed at the Bishop’s House in Guwahati, Assam until the construction of a guest house at Umran was completed. In March 1992, monastic life at Umran was officially inaugurated and on 2nd April 1995, the newly built monastery was blessed by Bishop Resto of shillong.

The community has a piggery, a fishery, a small dairy, poultry farm, cultivation, host-making and a guest house.

                                                                           DOB              DOP                

Sr. Mary Thomas Palackal                                   11.07.1943     21.04.1966

(Superior, Appointed 12.12.1990)

Sr. Clara Cyriac                                                 18.12.1957     24.03.1990

Sr. Angela Kindo                                               27.01.1962     10.02.1996

Sr.Marina Raphael                                             08.09.1965     02.02.1992

Sr. Mary Anne                                                   13.04.1975     26.07.2002

Sr.Severina Nazari                                             09.08.1979     07.10.2008

Solemnly Professed Sisters-4,  Candidate  - 3   Secular Oblates-5


The extent of the property is 25 acres. We  have a Retreat House and welcome retreatants, religious as well as lay people. Along the slopes of the hill, papaya trees, plantain the jackfruit trees are planted.  Pine-apples, ginger, sweet potatoes, yam, tapioca and vegetables are, also grown.  We  have a piggery, a small poultry and dairy farm.


We have daily Mass in our chapel. The celebration of the Divine Office is carried out with due solemnity. At para liturgical services we also sing in Khasi, the local language.  People who come here are taken up by the beauty of nature, surrounded by hills and valleys.  They feel the presence  of God in the solitary place and love the peaceful and calm atmosphere of the place.

St.Scholastica’s Monastery, Umran, Naya Bungalow Post Office, Meghalaya 793105
Telephone: 09863015635   E.mail Id: srsuperiorosbumran@gmail.com

Shanti Nilayam Abbey